A day nursery in Dartford to nurture your child's confidence

While located a short walk from the railway station, the nursery itself is located in a quiet road near Dartford town centre. It is a safe environment for children to learn, play and eat, where our practitioners gently nurture children, providing a basis on which to build their understanding, values, and respect for others.

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A safe place to learn and grow

We work within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE, 2017) to support children across all areas of their development. This will support them in preparing for school.

A day nursery for your child

We are a family-run day nursery that provides a high standard of care for babies aged 3-23 months, and children aged 2-5 years. Within our homely nursery, we create a fun, relaxed atmosphere with stimulating nursery activities and surroundings to give children the best possible foundation in life.

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Ofsted inspection report: Good (3) 2016

Giggles Day Nursery received a ‘good’ rating in their most recent Ofsted inspection report (2016), below is a summary of the key findings

Manages have high aspirations and a clear vision to take the nursery forward. Through effective self-evaluation processes they closely monitor the provision and areas for development, which helps to maintain consistently good standards
Children form strong bonds with staff and other children. They are happy, engaged and settle in well. Children are curious and imaginative, and are keen to follow their own interests and ideas. Staff implement and effective key-person system, so children feel safe and to meet their care routines.
Children develop good communication and acquire secure emotional skills that help the to prepare well for the next steps in learning.
Partnership with parents is strong. Staff keep parents well informed and involve them fully in their children’s care and learning.
Effective monitoring by staff and managers ensures that individual children and groups of children make good progress. staff work effectively with outside agencies to ensure planning is well tailored to address any gaps in children’s learning and development.

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We provide an environment in which all children are welcomed, valued and supported to reach their full potential.

For an Ofsted registered day nursery with your child’s future in mind.

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