Education for your child, while you are at work

Giggles Day Nursery delivers the government framework for Kent, which is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE 2021). Child welfare, child protection and safeguarding children are a major part of this curriculum.

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Individualised education for your child

Each and every child will be treated as an individual. A key person is allocated to each child and their responsibility is to build a strong support relationship to their key children and closely monitor the progress and welfare of your child.

Enjoyable and stimulating education

We look carefully at the children in our care, consider their needs, their interests and their stages of development and use all this information to help plan a challenging and enjoyable experience across all the areas of learning and development.

The seven early learning goals:

The prime areas are:
communication and language
physical development
personal, social and emotional development
The specific areas are:
understanding the world
expressive arts and design

Our caring and fully qualified staff are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have. To arrange pre-school education for your child, contact us today 01322 289 662