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Three meals and two snacks served everyday

Children are served three meals and two snacks everyday at Giggles Day Nursery. Breakfast is between 8.00 and 8.30am, lunch is at 12.00 noon and tea is served between 3.00 and 3.30pm.

Healthy snacks for your child

Milk and fruit are served mid-morning and mid afternoon with a drink of milk. Drinks of water and orange squash are served with dinner and tea time. Water is available for the children throughout the day.

Food preparation

All meals are prepared on the premises by staff qualified in food hygiene and are planned to provide a nutritionally balanced diet throughout the week. We also take into account any special dietary requirements.

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Fun and enjoyable mealtimes for your children

“Mealtimes are fun and children express their satisfaction at the balanced food provided. Staff support children by eating with them and ensuring everyone is included at the table.” – Ofsted Inspection Report

Healthy, satisfying meals for your children. Your child’s future in safe hands.

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